Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh so much to write about - so little time but now...

It took some time - a lot of time - for a couple of my friends to convince me that a radio talk show host should have a blogspot.
So many times during the day when I am not delivering The Weirs Times or doing some courier work the urge to comment on what is happening right then strikes me. And now we are taking another step into the hi-tech world.
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Following an interview with Jim Sedlak American Life League re: Not funding Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars here in NH and the move to remove the Parental Notification law a loyal listener sent this: “In regards to the Planned Parenthood portion of your show, Gov. John Lynch & the repeal of the parental notification law:
“I wonder who’s going to pay the medical bills of the under age girl who receives an abortion, without her parent’s consent or knowledge, and then has complications afterwards? Should the unknowing parents, or their insurance company, be held responsible or maybe the state – which means we’d be footing the bill. Also, if a young woman chooses not to involve her parents in the decision making process, for whatever reason, and subsequently has problems resulting from the abortion, why would the legislators think she’d go to them after the fact seeking help? If she’s too afraid to speak to her folks in the first place, doesn’t it follow that she’d be too afraid to admit what she’d done after the fact? Young people don’t always understand how serious some things are nor do they always comprehend how quickly a medical problem can become life threatening and they think the problem will just ‘go away’.
“Just my two cents worth.”
You’re words are worth a lot more than two cents!